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21 Days Challenge Testimonials

From torture to smiles 

Walking for a whole hour was always hard and I was happiest when it was done...until I stopped walking altogether. After 5 months, I knew I needed help to start Secrets of Natural Walking again, so I joined the walking center in Surabaya. 

Within the first week of walking together, online, I was given guidance in my technique that changed the torture to smiles. The small changes I was instructed to make in my walking has brought enormous happiness. And for the first time ever, I didn't even notice the hour go by. What's more, the love stays with me when I walk, even when I'm on my own.

I can't stop smiling when I walk now. Joining the walking centre changed my life.

Zeynin from Canada

Frozen Shoulder Instant Healing

My mom got frozen shoulder since few months ago, and coming to Surabaya to see a doctor. On Tuesday evening joining SONW Center trial in English that she doesn’t understand the language (European free trial) she get fully cured 😀 
- From Surabaya Walking Center Participant

Letting Go, Happy 
Inside Out, Pain Free
Change of Relationship with
 Own Body & Weight Loss
Weight Loss & Pain Free
Mood lifting, Hip Leveled & Improved Leg Strength