​I love sharing my passion in dancing and spirituality.  I am deeply grateful for the invaluable and memorable experience that my competitive dance career, studio management and competition organization has propelled me onto my spiritual journey. 

People are often fascinated by my adventurous globetrotting life.  I would share that this is a result of Following My Heart. I am grateful for having the opportunity to study with one of the greatest spiritual leader, Master Irmansyah Effendi Msc, who has patiently taught me how to approach life moment by moment through my spiritual heart guidance.

My transformation can easily be seen through this collage. How my own facial expression gave my inner state way.

In 2014, after battling with a digestive system disorder, I was healed after studying and praciticing Secrets of Natural Walking , a new modality founded by​ Master Irman. I decided to become a certified SONW instructor to share this beautiful practice with countless health benefits and brings total well being.

I have incorporated Open Heart and SONW in all my own dancing as well as teaching to help students manage competition or performance anxiety and at the same time improve their overall body awareness, coordination, balance, core strength and flexibility. As one could also see the difference in how I danced or practiced yoga before and after I was introduced to Open Heart and Secrets of Natural Walking. My whole body was opened up and more expansive & expressive.