Walking is what we've taken for granted since we learned to take our first step. Secrets of Natural Walking (SONW) is a profound modality that will be a revelation to many. 

The essence of SONW is based on 6 Keys for 1 Step with each Key allowing for natural adjustments that stimulates Reflexology Zones, Meridians to re-activate our body's Natural Healing System.  SONW also incorporates the foundation of Open Heart Meditation and Reiki Tummo which helps maximize the benefits and differentiates from any other Walking Meditation or Healing modalities.
Laura's Workshops & Events 

SONW Helped Laura Improved Her Flexibility
Before & After (within 7 hours) SONW Workshop
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Before & After within 21 Days 60 minutes Daily
Body Transformation
Before & After within or over 90 Days 60 minutes Daily
Cholesterol Reduction
SONW = Total Well Being

​Workshop participants have reported reduction of insulin intake, elimination of dialysis, elimination of knee pain, postural alignment, blood pressure normalization, etc.

Athletes have reported more flexibility and increased core strength and balance.
Laura's own journey on
Scoliosis & SONW
Body Shape
Testimonials bit.ly/SONWtest
Here's a trailer for the 21 Days Results